There’s a crisis in corrections.

Highest recidivism rates in Canada
Overcrowded, understaffed jails
A record number of security lockdowns
Thousands of inmate-on-inmate and staff assaults
Steadily increasing mental health and addiction problems
Privatized institutions with dangerous security problems
Unmonitored offenders and unsafe communities
It all adds up to a crisis situation where nobody is safe: Not the staff. Not the inmates. Not the public.

Ontario needs –

  • an end to the dangerous and cruel overcrowding in our jails

  • effective addiction and mental health treatment programs for inmates and parolees

  • effective training for staff dealing with offenders with addiction and mental health issues

  • enough correctional officers to maintain safety in our jails

  • enough probation and probation and parole officers to meet the growing caseloads

  • metal detectors and secure interview rooms in all probation and parole offices

  • an end to the privatization of our corrections system

  • more support staff to properly keep up and maintain jails

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